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No Downtime During Repairs!

Need to send your laptop or tower back to the manufacturer for warranty repair?
Is your MacBook at the Apple Store?
Lost without your iMac?
Have your FaceBook friends forgotten you while your PowerBook is broken?
Or do you need a short term rental while your computer is here with us?

Mac Rentals and help keep you up and running with a rental laptop or tower. We stock hundreds of PCs and Macs and in some cases can even clone your hard drive onto the replacement unit to minimize your inconvenience.

We are available for local Macintosh and Windows computer rentals in San Diego, or we will ship the computer to you nationwide!

Warranty repairs can take 1-2 weeks in some cases! Why be without a computer? Rent a computer today...from MadComputing!

You might want to call us about Mac Rental's repair services as well at 858-454-8535!